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Closing the Gap
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Closing Achievement Gap
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The following Strategic Plan Project site has been designed to promote and support transparency in our organization.  We encourage our community members and employees to view the activities of all seven (7) project teams.  Comments/suggestions are welcome and may be submitted by selecting the "SUBMIT YOUR COMMENTS" link.  In addition, BPS employees may upload informational/resource documents by selecting the "UPLOAD DOCUMENTS" link.  NOTE:  If you are an employee and you do not see the UPLOAD DOCUMENTS link, click SIGN IN in the upper right hand corner of the screen.



by BREVARDSCHOOLS\young.andrea
 7/27/2010 3:06 PM
Closing the Gap Team Convenes  
 7/28/2010 7:55 AM
by BREVARDSCHOOLS\young.andrea
 7/30/2010 5:00 PM

 Meeting Agenda/Minutes

Folder: Meeting AgendasMeeting AgendasBREVARDSCHOOLS\young.andrea
Folder: Meeting MinutesMeeting MinutesBREVARDSCHOOLS\young.andrea

 Team Documents

Meeting Agenda 1-26-11.docxMeeting Agenda 1-26-11BREVARDSCHOOLS\Spadaccini.Lynn
Closing the Achievement Gap - Project Team- revised Nov. 2010.docxClosing the Achievement Gap - Project Team- revised Nov. 2010BREVARDSCHOOLS\Spadaccini.Lynn
Theme-Problem Statements-lynn-neyda.docxTheme-Problem Statements-lynn-neydaBREVARDSCHOOLS\Spadaccini.Lynn
CAG, Operational Expectations- 2010.pdfCAG, Operational Expectations- 2010BREVARDSCHOOLS\Spadaccini.Lynn
Root Cause Chart - responses.xlsxRoot Cause Chart - responsesBREVARDSCHOOLS\Spadaccini.Lynn
Orientation Meeting 5-14-10.docxOrientation Meeting 5-14-10BREVARDSCHOOLS\Spadaccini.Lynn
Closing the Achievement Gap - Project Team.docxClosing the Achievement Gap - Project TeamBREVARDSCHOOLS\Spadaccini.Lynn

 Team Members

  Cindy Johnson, Resource Teacher, MIddle School Programs
  Dorine Zimmerman, Principal, Freedom 7 Elementary
  Jasmine DeLaughter, Assistant Principal, Bayside High
  Lori Spinner, Principal, Titusville High School
  Lynn Spadaccini, Director, Elementary Progams
  Matt Frey, Manager, Educational Technology
  Michael Miller, Principal, Saturn Elementary
  Michelle Ferro, Teacher, West Melbourne Elementary
  Mollie Vega, Assistant Principal, Stone Middle School
  Neyda Francis, Accountability, Testing & Evaluation
  Rachad Wilson, Assistant Principal, Cocoa High
  Shelly Dickinson, Mila Elementary
  Sylvia Mijuskovic, Testing, Accountability & Evaluation
  Teresa Wright, Director, Early Childhood & Title I

 Team Meetings

There are currently no upcoming events.

 Resources and Links

  Definition listed on South Carolina site
  Kentucky - Partnership for Minority Student Achievement
  An expanded definition
  Norm referenced vs Criterion based
  Rethinking the Achievement Gap - Penn State
  Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Achievement Gap Article
  A Plan for Success: Communities of Color Define Policy Priorities for High School Reform
  Culturally Based Teaching: A Model for Student Success
  Closing the Achievement Gap: Principles for Improving the Educational Success of All Students.